Meet Our Team

Ash Harrison
Owner / Sr. Numismatist

Ash Harrison has been buying and selling coins since the late 1960's. He first began collecting as a child, when his grandfather and great aunts helped in finding wheat cents, pre-1965 silver, and silver Kennedy halves. Ash started "dealing coins" in 1973 at the age of 11. Like many young numismatists, he stopped collecting between his high school years and the end of college, but then as he began making money for himself, he resumed the hobby/business.

In the early 1990's, Ash began dealing in gold coins and also developed a passion for varieties. When Jeff Oxman's Top 100 Morgan Dollar Varieties - The VAM Keys came out in 1996, Ash started collecting Morgan and Peace Dollar varieties. His first major find was an AU 1888-O VAM-4 "Hot Lips" and the passion was ignited. For the next 6 years, Ash traveled around the US going to shows and shops buying and selling coins on a part-time basis. The coin/jewelry business became a full-time operation for Ash in the very early 2000's and he was a wholesale only operation. During this time, he was the President of several local coin clubs, a Director for the North Carolina Numismatic Association, and President of the Society of Silver Dollar Collectors.

In 2009, Ashmore, Incorporated began doing business as Ashmore Rare Coins & Metals at 5725 W. Friendly Avenue, in Greensboro, NC. The gold market soared and the company did upwards of $11 million in 2011. While Ash no longer has time to serve on local coin clubs' executive boards, he is still active with the Society of Silver Dollar Collectors and the National Silver Dollar Roundtable.

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