Meet Our Team

Bob Klippstein

Bob’s specialty at Ashmore is Numismatics – the collection and study of coins. He started, as many coin collectors do, with Lincoln cents from pocket change back in 1958. Before long, other interests such as girls and cars took over. His coin interest was somewhat rekindled in the mid 1960’s with an after-school job in a drug store, where he was able to pull Indian cents and Barber coinage out of the cash register. By the 1970’s, gold and silver were starting to increase in value. Bob accelerated his coin collecting at this time, when the prices were much more favorable.

Over the years, his successful career in sales and sales management gave him the funds needed to purchase such numismatic delicacies as 1909-S VDB and 1922 plain Lincoln cents, 1937-D 3-legged Buffalo nickel, 1916-D Mercury dime, 1889-CC and 1893-S Morgan dollars, and complete sets of Barber and Walking Liberty half dollars, and circulated U.S. Trade Dollars; among other items. He currently owns a 1907 high relief U.S. $20 gold piece – often called the most beautiful U.S. coin – in his collection. In addition to U.S. coins, Bob also has an extensive knowledge in world coins and a working knowledge of U.S. tokens.

Bob enjoys reading periodicals and books about coins, and has contributed some Viewpoint columns in Numismatic News, as well as information to the landmark 1993 “Silver Dollars and Trade Dollars of the United States. A Complete Encyclopedia” by Q. David Bowers. In addition, he is a member of the North Carolina Numismatic Association (NCNA), Florida United Numismatists (FUN), and is a 25 year member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA).

Bob joined Ashmore after retiring from the Cellular Telephone industry, and works part time. At Ashmore, he loves nothing better than making sure the coins are well organized. If an unusual coin or token shows up that requires some sleuthing, all the better!

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