In 1990, Ashmore, Incorporated was in somewhat of a “holding pattern.” Ash Harrison was working in Washington, DC for AT&T on a project at the US Treasury Department. Working 60-90 hours per week, there was little time for coins, jewelry or gems. Ash grew up shooting guns and racing motocross with his father on the weekends, and being that night was about the only time he had to do extra-curricular activities, he began shooting targets with some of his work friends. Already having a business, Ash decided to get a Federal Firearms License and sell some guns. Well, he got the license, but there just wasn’t time to sell. So, after 5 years it expired.

Fast forward to 2014. Ashmore Rare Coins & Metals had been on Friendly Avenue in Greensboro for over 5 years and we were noticing that many of our customers had a common interest in guns. We decided to give it another chance, so we applied for and got a new FFL. We don’t really push that we buy and sell guns, but we do just that for our customers, somewhat as a convenience for their being able to mix buying and selling guns with buying and selling coins and or jewelry. It is not unusual for someone to have guns they are not using, but they would like to buy gold or silver to put up as an investment, and our having the firearms license makes it easy to do business.