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We are a full-service top echelon rare coin dealer, as well as a major precious metals and diamond buying service. Ashmore has been in business since 1987 and we've grown from a sole proprietorship to be one of the top grossing rare coins/precious metals businesses in the state of North Carolina. We are an A+ rated Better Business Bureau accredited business with a sparkling group of positive reviews at all the major search engines and social media sites.

Ashmore Rare Coins and Metals is major buyer of estates and we are always looking to help educate our customers to a level that they are capable of making an informed sale of their property. If you own coins, jewelry, and diamonds and you are in a situation where you've inherited the property and are desperately in need of someone you can trust to treat you fairly in purchasing it, then we are the best choice.

Because so many folks who collect coins, precious metals, jewelry, and other collectibles also tend to collect or own numerous firearms, we are also a Federal Firearms Permit holder, and we buy and sell guns as an adjunct business. If you happen to be liquidating an estate and there are guns involved, as well as other collectibles, certainly allow us to make a bid on the guns.
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What We Offer

Ashmore Rare Coins is a nationally known coin dealer. We buy and sell coins worldwide. Ash Harrison, our president and numismatist is a past-president of the Society of Silver Dollar Collectors. He is one of the top Morgan Dollar specialists in the country. We are also one of the largest buyers of gold, silver, and platinum scrap jewelry in North Carolina and we've been a diamond dealer for over 30 years. Finally, we are a Federal Firearms License holder and we buy and sell firearms.

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We are a top-paying dealer in the
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Realtime Mint Stats

The chart to the right is a display of current market prices for bullion Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. We thank Kitco.com for the use of their application. The prices are neither exact nor real-time. There is approximately a 15 minute delay on the values.

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We not only have our physical location, but we also have an Ebay store for you to browse at your convenience. Click here to visit our onlins store: Our Ebay Store.
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